Friday, 18 December 2015

My Top 5 Perfect Red Christmas Lipsticks

When it comes to Christmas and lip colours I have to say that reds are my favourite, I don't normally gravitate towards reds as I am more of a dark nude or pink, but for the winter months I seem to make an exception and why not when Christmas is approaching so quickly. So here is my top 5 red lipsticks that I love to wear over the winter/Christmas months which are all affordable - so whether you prefer a dark deep red or a cherry red I am sure that there is a perfect red lipstick out there for everyone and these are mine...

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My 10 Wrapping Christmas Present Hacks and tricks

When it comes to wrapping Christmas presents you either love it or you hate it, personally I am both, I love wrapping presents to start off with then after the fifth present I start to get bored, especially if the presents aren't square and awkward to wrap I can tend to get quite frustrated. So I thought I would compose a few hacks to get you through Christmas wrapping.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Tasty and Easy Christmas Treats | Ginderbread Reindeer Biscuits | Ginderbread Christmas Trees

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog! I cant believe that we are in December already I feel like this year has just flown by, and I am definitely in the Christmas spirit if you hadn't already guessed from my last post Christmas Gift Guide. So as you can see from the title I am going to share with you some really easy and tasty Christmas treats that I have loved doing lately with my little monster to get into the spirit for Christmas, so if you are interested in how I made these delicious treats carry on reading.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

12 Things to do on a sunday

I am aware of how boring Sundays can be as you feel that there is never anything to do and it always seems to feel like the day drags on, but hey maybe that is a good thing because who wants the dreaded Monday to come. Therefore I have composed a list of things I have started to do on Sundays to keep myself occupied and busy.

1. Spend a few hours doing my blogs (of course this would be the first thing I do as it is something I enjoy doing and it can me very time consuming).

2. online shopping (who doesn't need to get their Christmas shopping sorted)

3. cleaning up  and doing washing

4. experiment with new makeup and writing down notes for makeup reviews

5. watch Netflix as I seriously need to catch up on walking dead and orange is the new black

6. Baking with my son

7. Spending some time looking through social media site (don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and social media sites links in the side tab).

8. Taking pictures and listing my unwanted makeup and clothing items on selling sites such as ebay and depop.

9. work out or exercise I love doing insanity or fitness blender on youtube (However doing it once a week doesn't really  makes a difference lol).

10. reading books, magazines and blogs

11. Visiting family and friends

12. Cleaning out my makeup collection and throwing things out that have expired or that you don't use anymore.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Miss manga mega volume mascara | Review

I have been buying so many mascaras lately and I haven't had the chance to use them, however I have just finish my favourite mascara sample at the moment which is the benefit roller lash mascara, so I decided to break into a new mascara which is the Miss Manga mega volume mascara, this retails for £8.99 and is widely available in beauty stores such as boots and superdrug, however there is a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal products at the moment. This mascara claims to add volume on both top and bottom lashes which hold in place all day. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Affordable Christmas Gift Guide Beauty Edition 2015 | Im Back | Exciting News

hello everyone and welcome back to my blog I would like to start off by saying that I am sorry for the lack of posts on my blog lately, but I am now back and posting on a regular basis again. I also have some exciting news to share with you all ... and that is that I am expecting, I am literally over the moon to be pregnant again, and I have been told that I am going to have a little princess which is such great news but I may have to hide my makeup and put it up high when she gets older lol.

Anyway back to today's blog post post which you can see from the title is my affordable Christmas gift guide where all the items are going to be beauty related. I thought this would be a good post to start with for the beauty lovers out there that want to treat themselves to something for Christmas or need inspiration for their wishlist, or if you are just not too sure what to buy your family and friends who are also beauty lovers, then this post may be really helpful to give you a rough idea of the beauty gifts that are currently on the market that are also affordable, therefore all the products featured on this post are under £30.

Monday, 20 July 2015

June Lip Monthly Be A Bombshell | So Susan | Jelly Pong Pong | JCat | Swatches and review

Hello and welcome back to my daily dose of lip products aha that sounded so cheesy but I just wanted to mix my introduction for a change lol. I know that this post is a little late as I have had my bag for just over 2 weeks now but I completely forgot about it so I suppose it is better late than never. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Urban Decay | Naked on the run palette | swatches | review

I received this palette as a gift for Christmas which I swacthed on the day at thought it was a bit meh! However when cleaning out my makeup collection last month I rediscovered this palette and swatched it again and was surprised that I hadn't used it yet, as all the eyeshadow shades looked absolutely gorgeous and I cant believe I never used it sooner.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fashionista Lipsticks | Swatches | First Impression | review | Fragrance Direct

Recently I have discovered that my most popular blog posts are swatch and review ones, and you all know me by now and know that I am a lipstick junkie and cant start buying lipsticks so why not do another lipstick swatch and review. Today's lipsticks are the fashionista lipsticks which I bought from Fragrance Direct

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks | Swatches | First Impression | Review | Fragrance Direct

No flash

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen a photo that I posted about a week ago showing you my Fragrance Direct haul where I was able to pick up some great makeup at affordable prices, if not then don't forget to follow me on social media the links are in the side bar. So I am going to share with you the maybelline colour sensational lipsticks I brought and give you a first impression or mini review of them.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash | Swatches | review | First impression

I feel like I haven't done a lipstick swatch post in a long time now and these posts always seem to be the most popular posts, so I have decided to do a swatch and review on the Urban Decay full frontal lipstick stash, as I don't seem to hear many people talk about this set.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Qi Best Lip Series | Long Lasting Lipgloss | Liquid Lipstick Swatches | First Impression/Review

You all know that I love a bargain so when I came across these liquid lipsticks I knew that I needed to have them in my collection. The are called the Qi Best Lip series Long Lasting Lip Gloss and I found them on Ebay for only £1. The shade that caught my eye was shade 18 which is a beautiful nude / beige shade and it reminded me of the Jeffree star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity skin, La Splash Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ghoulish and the Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade cashmere, so I decided to only buy five and see what I think of them and compare them to my other similar shades to see if I have found a cheaper dupe.
Shades from left to right - 15, 18, 28, 06, 22

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

summer makeup tips and tricks tuesday | Bronzed glowy look

When I think of summer makeup I think of minimal makeup with a glowly flawless finish, especially if its a hot day because you dont want your makeup melting down your face, because I am sure that isn't a great look, so this is my summer makeup tips to ensure that your makeup is looking fresh throughout the day

The first thing is ensuring that you have a good primer, this could make the difference of your makeup staying in place much longer, it can also help your makeup apply smoothly and look flawless.

When it comes to summer think less is more and use lighter makeup on your face, for example ditch the full coverage foundation and opt for a lightweight BB cream or tinted moisturiser with spf, because that will not only protect your skin from the sun, but it also allows your skin to breathe which means that it is less likely to look flakey or patchy.

Remember in the summer you want a natural glow not shine, as this is going to make you look hot and flustered. To overcome the disco ball look carry around blotting papers, as they are easy to travel with, affordable and don't add any extra layers which could look cakey, I would also recommend some sort of ... like the hourglass ambient light powder which I feel are quite expensive but they makeup your skin glow. another similar products is the makeup revolution radiant light palette.

I am not a big fan of waterproof mascara probably because I am to lazy to spend time scrubbing my eyes to get it off, however during the summer waterproof mascara is your best friend, as this will make your mascara last much longer and not smudge down your face.

bronzer is a must have during the warmer summer months, especially bronzer with shimmer so that it adds a natural glow to the face. I would recommend a warm bronzer for summer but not to go overboard and just add to the high points of your face when the sun naturally hits such as forehead, cheekbones and chin, make sure not to cover your whole face in bronzer as this is going to make you look like an umpa lumpa which isn't an attractive look. 

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Friday, 26 June 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine - MAC, urban decay, Loreal, benefit and more

Hello beauty lovers I hope you are all doing well, I thought that I would share with you my everyday makeup products and routine, its super easy to achieve and doesn't take too long which is great for all you girlies with a busy lifestyle or even a little monster to look after like me.

Starting off with the face the first thing that I do is moisturise as I do suffer from super dry patches on my face in addition to having oily skin in general. The next thing I apply to my face is my favourite primer and the moment which is the L'Oreal mattifying face primer, this is perfect for those of you who have oily skin and enlarge pores, as I feel that this primer keeps me from looking like a disco ball, but is also smooths out my skin and reduces the look of my pores. I addition to using the L'Oreal primer I also apply a pea size amount of benefit porefessional just when I have enlarge pores to reduce them even more, After doing this it gives me a smooth and hydrating base to slap my face makeup on, which makes it not only look better but also last longer well in my opinion it does.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows | Swatches | First impressions/ Review

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen me post a picture of my latest shopping trip where I bought some gorgeous makeup geek eyeshadows, If not then don't forget to follow me on Instagram. Anyway back to the makeup geek eyeshadows, I have been hearing so many people raving about these eyeshadows all over youtube and felt as though I was missing out on something amazing, so I decided to buy a few eyeshadows and see what I thought about them. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

This or that tag | Get to know me

I have seen this a few times now on a few other beauty bloggers I follow I thought I would join in and do it myself for a bit of fun and so that you can get to know me a little better.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My top 10 drugstore affordable makeup products | MUA | Rimmel | Maybelline | Loreal | Essence | Seventeen

I am not going to lie to you I love my high end products and even if the quality inst amazing most of them just look so pretty sitting on your vanity, but as a young mom with a two year old child sometimes I have to prioritise other things. Therefore drugstore makeup is a great alternative and sometimes the quality is just as good or even better for a fraction of the price, so I thought that I would share with you my top 10 drugstore makeup products, which I find myself reaching for more than the high end equivalent.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beauty tips and tricks - eyeshadows

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog and to beauty tips and tricks Tuesday which is going to be on eye shadows, and don't forget to check out my previous blog on tips and tricks - makeup application for dry skin.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Krystellie Fashion Hair exstensions first impression / review and demo

Ok so lately I have really been wanting longer hair so I decided to buy some extensions, but I didn't want to invest in a pair of expensive extensions as I changed my mind so often and may not use them after two weeks (why am I so indecisive lol). However when scrolling thought Facebook I stumbled upon a page called Krystellie fashion where they were selling hair extensions and currently had a half price sale so after reading some reviews from previous customers I decided to purchase off this website and see if they were worth it.
first time wearing the hair extensions

Monday, 8 June 2015

My MAC Lipstick Collection - Permanent and Limited Edition ( Reds, oranges and Nudes )

Hello beauty lovers and welcome back to part 2 of my MAC lipsticks, I decided to do it in two parts so that It wasn't too long, But this is my reds, orange and nudes lipsticks.

Red Lipsticks

My MAC Lipstick collection - Permanent And Limited Edition ( Pinks, Purples and Browns )

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I thought that I would share with you my MAC lipstick collection, I would like to start off by saying that I haven't got hundreds of MAC lipsticks but MAC is my favourite brand by far and I am such a sucker for MAC limited edition lipsticks.

pink lipsticks

Friday, 5 June 2015

Eyes on MAC burgundy times 9 palette swatches and review

 I have been eyeing up the eyes on mac palette now for a few weeks now, and on my last shopping trip I decided to buy the burgundy times nine palette even though I am currently on a spending ban I am hoping to buy the purple and amber times nine too (hands over eyes emoji). Anyway back to the palette, it contains nine individual eyeshadow pans with a mixture or matte and shimmer shades, however these eyeshadow are smaller than the normal mac eyeshadow pans but that is reflected in the price which I believe are very reasonable.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Makeup look for under £35 - Makeup revolution, mua cosmetics, LA Girl and E.L.F

You all know me by now and know that I love to find myself some bargains especially when it comes to makeup unless I am buying my mac limited edition collections as that it just a must, I have been loving some great brands lately which are so affordable yet the quality is amazing, for example makeup revolution, Mua cosmetics and elf cosmetics which is now not selling in the UK sadly. Therefore I challenged myself to do a full face makeup look with products costing under £35.

Monday, 1 June 2015

May Favorites - Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette, Essence, Elf, Mua, Makeup Revolution

Lets start off June with my may favourites, I did my spring clean over the last month and yes that meant cleaning out my makeup collection and throwing out makeup that had expired or giving makeup to my sisters that I haven't been reaching towards as it is only going to go out of date, and of course when cleaning up I had found some makeup that hadn't even been used still in its packaging at the back of my makeup draw as well as a makeup that I completely forget I owned, so I have quite a lot of makeup products that I have re discovered and having being loving and using so much this months, so I am going to stop rambling and show you my favourites of this month.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

May Lip monthly - OFRA, NYC, Milani and Jing Ai swatches and first impression/review

My May Lip monthly is finally here and I thought that it would never come, but I suppose its better late then never. Firstly the little makeup bag that the goodies arrived in is super cute and so spring appropriate, It is a bright yellow colour with flags and has lipsticks and mascaras scattered around.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Morphe brushes Jaclyn Hill favourites palette swatches and first impression / review

Finally this beauty is here and I have wanted this palette for so long but I missed the last restock and the palette was out of stock forever, however I managed to get this palette on ebay and I was so chuffed. The colours are all so beautiful and after swatching this palette the pigmentation is great as well, I was worried after spending so much on this palette encase it wasn't that great because the main reason I bought this palette was because the amazing Jaclyn hill teamed up with morphe brushes and create this palette and I love her videos so much. I feel that if I was able to get this palette from the Morphe brushes website then I would have been able to say that the eyeshadow were of great quality for the price however I think that I may have overpaid for this eyeshadow palette, but I don't really mind because this palette has easily became one of my favourites palettes and I am finding myself using this nearly everyday so it was defiantly worth every penny I paid. The palette includes 28 shades and has both matte and shimmery shades, all the shades are creamy and apply to the lid so nicely with very minimal fall out, here are swatches of all the eyeshadow so that you can see the colour and pigmentation better.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Lipliners swatches and review

When buying the Makeup revolution mermaid palette I noticed that they had brought out a new collection called amazing lip liners which I had to buy because all the shades looked amazing and I have been loving lip liners lately, I have been wearing my mac soar lipliner nearly everyday so I am on the look for some new favourites. These lip liner retail for £1 each however you can buy all the lip liners for £6. The collection includes 8 shades ranging from a light nude shade to a dark vampy red shade.

Makeup revolution Mermaids forever palette swatches, review and demo

All over my instagram feed I have been seeing loads of pictures of the Makeup revolution mermaid forever palette And I knew that I needed to get my hands on this palette, as it looked amazing from the pictures I had seen and makeup revolution haven't disappointed me yet I love all of their products I own, Ok other than the eyeshadow primer which I wasn't too keen on but this could have been because I have really oily eyelids. Anyway back to the palette, it has 32 shades ranging from light beige shades to pinks to dark blues and browns, meaning that you can use this palette to create both day and night looks also this palette has a huge mirror which is so handy and this palette retails for only £8. Another thing that I love about this palette is that all the different shades have names and none of my other makeup revolutions palette have names, however I would have preferred the names to be printed on the palette, this is only because I lose things really easy.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Homemade Lip scrub

hello all you beauty lovers I hope that you are all doing well, I have been searching around now looking for a new lip scrub, as my lips have been looking awful lately, probably because i have been wearing matte lipsticks constantly, and thought that I would do a homemade one because I know exactly what is going into it and because I was bored lol. This is sooo easy to do and can be made in minutes with a few ingredients lying around your kitchen.

what you will need to make the lip scrub
two teaspoons of white sugar
half a teaspoon of jam (give a pink colour to the lip scrub and make it taste nice)
vanilla flavoring
small container
  1. Put two teaspoons of white sugar, half a teaspoon of jam and a tiny bit of honey into the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together until you have got the desired consistency.
  3. Add vanilla flavorings (optional).
  4. Scoop all the product into a container.
  5. Wa-lah you have got your home made lip scrub.
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Elf Cream blushers review and swatches

hello beauties I hope you are all doing well a few weeks ago I mentioned these cream blushes which I got from E.L.F during the sale and I feel that I have used them enough now to give a good and honest review.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mac wash and dry collection - swatches and first impression/review (steam heat, tumble dry, morange, hipiness and freshen up)

Hello beauties how are you all doing today, I was suppose to publish this post ages ago but completely forgot about it, but its better late then never. My first thought when I saw the sneak peaks of this item was that I needed everything from this collection I was totally in love with the packaging, it was so bright and colourful and just reminded me on summer. However when I went to the store to pick this collection up I was quite disappointed as the items wasn't what I was expecting.  And I wasn't prepared to buy everything from the collection such as the bronzing powders, eyeshadow palettes and one of the blushes, this was because the eyeshadow palettes didn't look that great swatches and I know that they wouldn't get used as much as other trios I own and the bronzing powders and blush wouldn't of shown up on my skin which I was so upset about (oh and I am not a lip gloss person). Anyway I am going to stop being negative and shows you all the beauties I pick up from this collection.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Review

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog I hope that you are all doing well, I was so excited when I get emailed by the body jewellery shop saying that I could review their earrings and I was so impressed with the delivery as they came the next day. So I am going to be sharing with you some jewellery that I received from a company called The body jewellery shop.
I would like to start off by saying that I was amazed when browsing on their website as they have such a wide range on body jewellery to chose from ranging from Ear piercing jewellery to navel piercings. Another great thing about the The body jewellery shop is that all of their body jewellery is so affordable and is of great quality.

The first item I received was a beautiful pair of heart shaped earrings. Which I instantly fell in love with when I saw them, they are so flattering when they are on and would compliment any outfit and are suitable for everyday wear. These earrings are 929 sterling silver and they have a butterfly fastening which makes them so comfortable to wear and they don't irritate my ears which is great.

The next item I received was Silver and steel ball closure ring which I also love the fact that this is so versatile as it can be used in different places, such as a lip ring, navel or earring which I think is great. I think the design is also very pretty and girly, it composes of 925 sterling silver and has three hearts which the middle one has a gem inside which I thought looked so cute and it comes in 4 different sizes so you can make sure it fits before you buy, like the other pair of earrings this is also very affordable and is great for everyday wear, unfortunately this ball closure ring did not fit through my ear or lip piercing so I couldn't show what it looked like on. 

I love the look of dainty beautiful jewellery therefore I would have to say that Jewelled Heart Clear earrings are my favourite as they are so pretty and glitzy. I also like the layout of the website and that it is so easy to navigate around to find exactly what you are looking for. Also another great addition to the website is that they have a Body Piercing Information page, where you can find information on different body piercing types, common body piercing problems, body piercing f&a and much more. Therefore after trying these two items of jewellery I would defiantly recommend this brand especially if you have body piercing and are looking for some, at a great price with a huge selection. All together I have 8 piercings including my ears, lip and tongue and I have already been on their website looking to order some more earrings. So definitely go and have a look on The body Jewellery shop website and check out more of their body jewellery and don't forget that you qualify for free worldwide delivery if you spend over £10, so what are you waiting for!!

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Makeup revolution iconic pro lipsticks - swatches and review

hello beauties I hope that you are all doing well, If you didn't already know I have been loving the brand makeup revolution lately and you all know that I am lipstick lover but I have never tried makeup revolution lipsticks, so I decided to buy their newest lipstick collection called the Iconic pro lipsticks. The first thing that attracted me to the lipsticks was the packaging, as it very much reminded me of the mac packaging which I love, I feel that it looks so sleek however makeup revolution have go one step better by putting the lipstick colour at the bottom of the lipsticks, as this means that I haven't got to take ages pulling out different lipsticks to find the colour that I want. Another thing that attracted me was the price, can you believe that these lipsticks retail for only £2.50 that is unbelievable, and there are 20 shades to choose from with a few matte shades, anyways I am going to stop rambling and show you swatches of the lipsticks on my lips and also a little first impression/ review of what I think about these lipsticks.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tips and tricks Tuesday - Makeup application for dry skin

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog I hope you are all doing well, today's post as you can see from the title is tips and tricks for applying makeup when you have dry skin. I have combination skin which is either dry or oily depending on the weather therefore I no how much of a task it can be applying makeup when you have dry skin, such as your foundation or other face products peeling and cracking around the nose area and laugh lines (if that is what its called lol) as well as my concealer cracking and creasing under my eyes therefore I have came up with some tips to help reduce or even prevent some of these issues.

1. before applying any face makeup make sure to use a exfoliating cleanser or face scrub so that you remove all the dead skin cells and dry patches and smooth out the skin. My favourite is the Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash, which I mentioned in my April favourites.

2. Ensure you apply a moisturiser and primer for dry skin types, as this will make the skin smooth and reduce dryness which will mean your face makeup applying better to the skin, the primer will help to smooth the skin and reduce pores I would recommend benefit porefessional, However make sure your primer and moisturisers have time to absorb into the skin before applying foundation.

3. If you have dry skin then the best type of foundation to go for is a liquid foundation, this is because if you use a powdered foundation it could cling to dry patches as well as emphasis them. I would also recommend a foundation that is lightweight as heavy full coverage foundation may look cakey.

4. When applying your foundation use a foundation brush such as the real technique buffing brush which is my favourite, as it is soft and gentle on this skin so it reduces flakiness. However if you prefer a more flawless dewy look then after using a foundation brush go over the face with a damp Beauty blender, Ensure you don't apply your foundation with your fingers, as your fingers will absorb the moisture which is needed to reduce dryness.

5. When applying other face products such as setting powders and blushes, try not to use more than what you need, for example only applying the setting powder around your T zone or skipping the face powder and opting for a setting sprays and blotting sheets. I would also recommend using cream blushers and bronzers, as I find that with powders they crack and flake which end up looking patchy on the skin, but creamy formula's keep the skin moisturised and hydrated.

Have you got any other tips for dry skin ?
Have you seen my last Tips and tricks Tuesday post
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Friday, 8 May 2015

My Beauty Wishlist - NYX, E.L.F, Colourpop and Morhie Jacklyn Hill

I have been getting really frustrated lately as there are so many new beauty products that I want to try both high end and drugstore, but they are all American brands, and I find that they don't ship internationally or they do ship but there will be a big customs charge (like my Gerard cosmetics order) or they are out of stock. However my dad is going to Florida in a few months time so I have wrote him a list of beauty products I want him to pick up, so I thought I would share it with you girls and see if there are any other makeup products from America that you would recommend.

1. Nyx lip matte creams
2. Nyx contour kit
3. Nyx highlight and contour pro palette
4. E.l.f anti acne fighting foundation
5. Colourpop eye shadows by kathleen lights
6. Morphe palette by Jaclyn Hill palette

Have you tried any of these makeup products what so you think of them?
If you have any other recommendations I would love to know as I want to try and branch out from using the same brands and makeup especially american brands.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Makeup Revolution # Liphug collection swatches and review

Hello beauties How are you all doing, I have been loving this brand called makeup revolution lately, and their prices and quality of these products are truly amazing. I am always looking for good bargains or dupes for my high end products and I think this brand do a great job at producing these dupes and nearly the same quality or sometimes even better than high end products. Therefore a few weeks ago I decided to order their new lipstick collection called #liphug collection, you can pick from the nudes, reds, pinks or favourite collection where you receive 5 lipsticks for £12.50 however they are currently on sale for £7.50, if you are interested in these lipsticks or any other makeup revolution products then check them out at Makeup Revolution. Anyway I am going to stop rambling and show you the lipsticks and swatches.

Monday, 4 May 2015

mini makeup haul - E.L.F, Revlon, Bourjois, Rimmel and loreal

I know I am supposed to be on a spending ban so that I can help contribute to saving a deposit for a house but when It comes to makeup I just cant help myself, I seriously feel like I am addicted to buying makeup and I need to start going to a shoppers anonymous if that even exists haha. Anyway back to what I was saying if you have seen my last post foundations empties, I was really in need of some new foundations therefore I when straight onto fragrance direct as I know that I can get foundations from there for 1/3 of the price and I love saving money and finding bargains, therefore I 100% recommend this website and the postage and packaging was £1.99.

On fragrance direct I picked up Revlon Colourstay whipped creme foundation for £3.99, Bourjois Bio Detox organic foundation for £1.99 and Rimmel clean finish foundation for £2.99, I feel that I got these foundations for a considerably cheap price which means that I have more money to spend on limited edition MAC.

I also made a shopping trip to town the same day as I couldn't find my favourite foundation in the right shade at fragrance direct which is the Revlon colourstay (but not the the whipped formula which I purchased from fragrance direct). However while picking up my foundation in boots they had the 3 for 2 deal on so I also picked up the L'Oreal infallible mattifyling primer and the L'Oreal miss manga mega volume mascara as I have heard so many youtubers and blogger rave on about this mascara, such a Sammi from beauty crush who is amazing I love her videos, all these 3 items came to £21 and was purchase from Boots.

While shopping I received an email from E.L.F Cosmetics saying that they had a huge sale on and that items were up to 70% off so I went straight onto their website to have a browser, however they were having a big sale because they were actually closing down, I am so genuinely upset about this as I have really been loving elf, so I decided just to get a back up of my E.L.F foundation in the shade almond and try out the cream blushers because I thought that they looked pretty, I cant believe these are the first ever cream blushers I have ever brought and I cant wait to try them out and review them for you, but that was all they really had left on the website. I will be posting a review on these products when I get to use them a bit to get a good idea whether I like them or not. Also my next post will be what clothing item I brought the same day so keep tuned lol.

Have you seen my last post Empties - foundations would I repurchase
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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Empties - foundations would I repurchase loreal, mac, revlon and rimmel

Hello beauties and welcome back to my over the past few months I have accumulated many empty foundations so I thought i would share with you what foundation I would and wouldn't repurchase.

Friday, 1 May 2015

LA Splash lip couture matte liquid lipsticks swatches and review - are they worth the hype?

hello beauties I thought that I would share with you my most recent purchases as I have heard so many people raving about this brand lately and earlier today they finally got released in the UK. The brand that I am talking about is La Splash which is an american based brand which have released some liquid lipstick, one of which is said to be a dupe for the lime crime liquid lipstick in cashmere, Before this brand was released within the UK I had been looking everywhere for swatches on different skin tones and I haven't been that successful as nearly every photo has looked a different colour, therefore I have decided to show swatches on my skin and lips so that you can get a rough idea of exactly how it looks in contrast with my skin tone which is a mac NW45. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

My April Favorites 2015 - Rimmel, Loreal, Sleek, Makeup Revolition, MAC and more

hello and welcome back to my blog today's post is my April favourites where I share what things I have been loving lately and been using all month. I would like to start off by saying I cant believe we are nearly in may I feel like this year is going to way to fast, but at least it means we are one month closer to summer.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April Lip monthly - Cargo, City Color, LA Girl and Ofra cosmetics mini review and swatches

yay it is finally here I don't know why this months lip monthly took so long to arrive but I suppose better late then never. This months lip monthly came packaged in a cute orange makeup bag with purple flowerish detailing aha I am so bad at describing things but you will see what I mean from the picture below. The little card that is included in the bag provides information about the products inside and a little summary of why the colour and item were chosen therefore it says that "this months bag includes colours that are perfect for the warmer spring weather.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to depot single eyeshadows to put into a palette (pictures and step by step instruction)

I have had a few people ask me how I depot my single eye shadows so that I am able to put them into a z palette so I decided to do a post about how I do it, it is so quick and easy and you only need a few things to do it.

you will need
  • Straighteners 
  • Z palette or magnetic palette
  • A needle or something similar
  • Magnets
Turn on straighteners so that they have time to heat up
decided what eye shadow you want to depot and place it on straighteners
Make sure to keep moving the eye shadow up and down the plate so that it doesn't stick or melt
leave it on the straighteners for 30 second to 1 minute
place a needle or something sharp between the eye shadow pan and the outer packaging and wiggle it until it becomes lose
you will then be able to scoop it out if not place back on the straighteners for another 30 seconds
when you scoop it out place it upside down and use the needle to peel the sticker off the bottom of the eyeshadow pan and place it onto the eye shadow as soon as possible as the glue on the bottom dries quick
place a magnet onto the sticker and place into a magnetic or Z palette.

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kara xoxo

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit Rollerlash review with before and after pictures

I know this review is late but I suppose its better late than never lol but I have about 8 mascaras that I am using at the moment, and I hate opening too many mascaras at once as they end up drying up before I get a chance to use them properly, But I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to use it today. I am currently using the sample size mascara that I received for free in Elle magazine, so the packaging inst as pretty as the full size mascara but none of the less its still cute. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Lipstick Haul - L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks swatches and review

A few days ago I was scrolling through my instagram when I noticed a picture from superdrug advertising the L'Oreal colour riche lipsticks...they were celebrating 30 years of the lipstick. Therefore the lipsticks were on sale at £3, as I am a lipstick lover and I have never tried L'Oreal lipsticks before I decided to buy a couple to try them out, but when I went on the superdrug website not only were they £3 but they had the 3 for 2 offer so I was able to get 9 of the lipsticks. I can honestly say that I am totally in love with the packaging I love gold packaging so much (looks so luxurious and expensive) and I think that the colour range is a amazing as they range of colours from light nudes, dark nudes, pinks, purples and berry with a few matte finishes which is my favourite finish. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Weight loss Wednesday week 1

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, as you can see from the title weight loss Wednesday is going to be were I update you on my weight loss. I can finally say I'm at that point now where I feel so unhappy and depressed because of my weight and it has really been getting me down as I feel it is stopping me from doing things I used to enjoy and is making me less confident. Therefore today I got myself weighed and Calulated my BMI to find I was overweight which I was already aware of but it has made me more determined now to lose weight, especially in time for my holiday to Spain so that I can feel healthy as well as confident in a bikini. 

 My current weight is 11st 2.5lb (size 12-14) and I am hoping to get to 9st (size 10) as this should make me a healthy weight for my height. I am going to start changing my eating habits drastically by swapping coke for water (which I honestly can't stand it mainly because it doesn't taste of anything however I know that it is good for me). I am also going to stop having take aways bye bye Big Macs I don't know how I am going to live without you aha, and eating a balanced diet. 

I normally do workout on a Sunday whether that is insanty of fitness blender on YouTube however I only do it for 30 minutes to an hour which isn't really going to make a difference to my weight loss, therefore I am going to exercise at least everyday as I have signed up to my local gym and start leaving the car at home and walking. I am going to try and update you on my weight loss every two to three weeks and see if any of these changes really make a different, obvisusly I am not a doctor, Dietrian or fitness instructor however I have done much research online and I am trying to lose weight at a steady safe pace. 

If anyone has any feedback or other suggestions I can do to help with my weight loss journey I would love to know? 

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beauty tips and tricks Tuesday - Eyeliner

I love finding out new makeup tips and tricks which may make makeup application quicker or easy so here are my Eyeliner tips and tricks which I have been doing myself. Make sure to check out my mascara tips and tricks 

1. Use tape on a diagonal angle from the end of your eye meeting up with the end of your eyebrow when applying eye shadow or eyeliner, as this will allow you to create the perfect cat eye.

2. Line the water line with a white or nude eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider, it will also help to make your look more awake.

3. Tight line or line the upper lash line with a black eyeliner, this will add definition to your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker and darker.

4. Use concealer to clean up you eyeliner whether you make a mistake or you want the eyeliner to look more sharp and accurate. 

5. Turn your Kohl eyeliner into a gel eyeliner by holding the tip of the eyeliner above a flame for a few seconds. 

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