Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beauty tips and tricks Tuesday - Eyeliner

I love finding out new makeup tips and tricks which may make makeup application quicker or easy so here are my Eyeliner tips and tricks which I have been doing myself. Make sure to check out my mascara tips and tricks 

1. Use tape on a diagonal angle from the end of your eye meeting up with the end of your eyebrow when applying eye shadow or eyeliner, as this will allow you to create the perfect cat eye.

2. Line the water line with a white or nude eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider, it will also help to make your look more awake.

3. Tight line or line the upper lash line with a black eyeliner, this will add definition to your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker and darker.

4. Use concealer to clean up you eyeliner whether you make a mistake or you want the eyeliner to look more sharp and accurate. 

5. Turn your Kohl eyeliner into a gel eyeliner by holding the tip of the eyeliner above a flame for a few seconds. 

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