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Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash | Swatches | review | First impression

I feel like I haven't done a lipstick swatch post in a long time now and these posts always seem to be the most popular posts, so I have decided to do a swatch and review on the Urban Decay full frontal lipstick stash, as I don't seem to hear many people talk about this set.


Lets start off with the packaging that all the lipsticks come in which is a cardboard type box with a magnetic closure, the design on the box has a beautiful black and great floral pattern with the Urban decay logo in a pinky red shade. On the inside of the box the floral pattern continues, and there is a form divider where all the lipsticks and lip liners are placed, I do feel although this packaging is quite bulky but in a way it has to be to accommodate the lipsticks, however I do feel that this set would be great for travelling. 

Now the packaging of the lipsticks are gorgeous, it has a metal type look but is made from plastic and a purple section underneath the lid, on top of the lid it has the Urban Decay logo in purple. On the bottom of the lipstick has the name of the lipstick and also a colour indicator so that it is easier to find the colour you are looking for without having to take the lid off. These lipstick are much small than the permanent line and are 0.035oz which doesn't seem like a lot but I do think that these lipsticks would last quite a bit and it allows you to try and experiment 6 different lipsticks before buying the full size revolution lipstick. The three shades ladyflower, Crush and Illicit and exclusive to this gift set only, as the other shades can be purchased as full size. 

This gift set also includes a full-size 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone. Ozone holds colour in place, prevents feathering, and fixes mistakes-yet it's totally invisible on your lips.


After swatching and wearing these lipsticks, I do really like them as I feel that they apply smoothly to the lips as they have a really creamy formula, and feel comfortable on the lipsticks they are very hydrating but last quite long on the lips and when they do come off they stain your lips which I like. All the lipsticks included in this set have a glossy / satin finish and all have great pigmentation apart from Illicit which looks like a light wash of colour on the lips which I think is great for a more natural look or for makeup beginners who don't want to wear vibrant colours. However this set does include a variety of different colours ranging from a nude to pink to a dark red shade.

This set was limited edition and retailed for £29 with works out to just under £5 each lipstick. However I have seen many of these sets still being sold on ebay, amazon and depop, and as I have said three of the shades can be purchased full size so this will give you an idea of what they look like swatches and on the lips.

Therefore after using this set I do really love all the lipsticks and my favourite if you didn't already know is Liar which I have done a post on if you are interested in reading it then click my Top 5 nude lipsticks. I would definitely recommend this set if you can get your hands on it, if not I would recommend buying the revolution lipsticks as they have amazing quality and it is worth it. If I had to rate this gift set I would give it a 4/5 it would have been 5/5 if the set was made to be permanent. 

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