Sunday, 13 December 2015

12 Things to do on a sunday

I am aware of how boring Sundays can be as you feel that there is never anything to do and it always seems to feel like the day drags on, but hey maybe that is a good thing because who wants the dreaded Monday to come. Therefore I have composed a list of things I have started to do on Sundays to keep myself occupied and busy.

1. Spend a few hours doing my blogs (of course this would be the first thing I do as it is something I enjoy doing and it can me very time consuming).

2. online shopping (who doesn't need to get their Christmas shopping sorted)

3. cleaning up  and doing washing

4. experiment with new makeup and writing down notes for makeup reviews

5. watch Netflix as I seriously need to catch up on walking dead and orange is the new black

6. Baking with my son

7. Spending some time looking through social media site (don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and social media sites links in the side tab).

8. Taking pictures and listing my unwanted makeup and clothing items on selling sites such as ebay and depop.

9. work out or exercise I love doing insanity or fitness blender on youtube (However doing it once a week doesn't really  makes a difference lol).

10. reading books, magazines and blogs

11. Visiting family and friends

12. Cleaning out my makeup collection and throwing things out that have expired or that you don't use anymore.

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Kara xoxo
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