Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My 10 Wrapping Christmas Present Hacks and tricks

When it comes to wrapping Christmas presents you either love it or you hate it, personally I am both, I love wrapping presents to start off with then after the fifth present I start to get bored, especially if the presents aren't square and awkward to wrap I can tend to get quite frustrated. So I thought I would compose a few hacks to get you through Christmas wrapping.

When I am wrapping I like to either put on a Christmas movie or Christmas music just to get me into the Christmas mood and I normally end up wrapping presents longer before getting bored and completely giving up, However I now wrap most of the presents on Christmas eve because you know I am disorganised and I like to leave everything to last minute, so giving up and doing it another day inst an option.

1. If the present is an awkward shape to wrap place it inside a bigger box so that it is easier to wrap.

2. Use last years Christmas cards or off cuts of wrapping paper and attach to your presents as gift tags.
3. Use double sided sticky tape if you want your presents to have more of a neat look as all the tape will be hidden.

4. Use colour coded wrapping paper for different members of the family so you don't need to use gift tags.

5. When wrapping present do it on a hard surface so that it reduces the amount of wrinkles and it also saves time (I always end up doing my wrapping on the carpet or bed so I will defiantly be trying this tip this year).

6. Use left over wrapping to create bows and ribbons for decoration.

7. Fold the end of the tape so that you dont lose the end, this will save time and stop you getting frustrated.

8. If you run out of wrapping paper use gift bags or make your own wrapping paper from newspapers or fabrics.

9. Measure and cut the wrapping paper to the correct size, this will save time, reduce waste and gives you neat edges, as it means you don't have to wrap the paper around the present three times before sticking.

10. Store wrapping paper in toilet roll tubes, to prevent unrolling and creasing.

I hope that these hacks have helped you out and if you have anymore I would love to know them - so let me know in the comments below, thank you for reading don't forget to follow me on 
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