Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit Rollerlash review with before and after pictures

I know this review is late but I suppose its better late than never lol but I have about 8 mascaras that I am using at the moment, and I hate opening too many mascaras at once as they end up drying up before I get a chance to use them properly, But I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to use it today. I am currently using the sample size mascara that I received for free in Elle magazine, so the packaging inst as pretty as the full size mascara but none of the less its still cute. 

I would like to start off by saying that my eyelashes are extremely short and sometimes looks like i don't have any and it is very rare that I find a mascara that I love (urban decay perversion), however I find that my lashes have a good curl anyway so I look for thickening or lengthening mascaras, therefore I thought that this mascara wouldn't do anything for my eyelashes, oh how I was wrong..I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE MASCARA. Its amazing and makes my lashes look so long and curled at the same time, anyhow I am aware that mascaras can be different on everyone and we all look for different things with our mascaras if that makes sense and what works on my eyelashes might not work on yours.



I don't believe it made my lashes any thicker however the more of the product I applied the clumpier my lashes became however I am a fan of the clumpy spider leg lashes lol therefore I give it 2/5


when using this mascara today I think that my eyelashes appeared so much more longer and it also made my eyes appear longer with I love so I would give this 4/5


The mascara claims to be extremely curling and lifting as well as being able to hold the curl for 12 hours which I do agree with as my lashes where noticeably lifted and curled so I would give it a 4/5


I love the shape of the wand and find it very unique I believe this is what helps create the perfect curl and life, however i do prefer mascaras with massive wands so I will give this 3/5

I love the packaging of this mascara it is so pretty and I am such as sucker for pretty packaging, but then that's like all benefit products therefore I give the packaging 5/5

Overall Product 

Therefore my overall opinion of this mascara if you couldn't already tell is that I love it, and it is at the top on my favourite mascaras with the urban decay perversion mascara, I will definitely be repurchasing and recommend it especially if you like clumpyish (if that's a word) eyelashes lol. If you are interested in buying this mascara you can purchase it at debenhamsjohn lewis

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