Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Morphe brushes Jaclyn Hill favourites palette swatches and first impression / review

Finally this beauty is here and I have wanted this palette for so long but I missed the last restock and the palette was out of stock forever, however I managed to get this palette on ebay and I was so chuffed. The colours are all so beautiful and after swatching this palette the pigmentation is great as well, I was worried after spending so much on this palette encase it wasn't that great because the main reason I bought this palette was because the amazing Jaclyn hill teamed up with morphe brushes and create this palette and I love her videos so much. I feel that if I was able to get this palette from the Morphe brushes website then I would have been able to say that the eyeshadow were of great quality for the price however I think that I may have overpaid for this eyeshadow palette, but I don't really mind because this palette has easily became one of my favourites palettes and I am finding myself using this nearly everyday so it was defiantly worth every penny I paid. The palette includes 28 shades and has both matte and shimmery shades, all the shades are creamy and apply to the lid so nicely with very minimal fall out, here are swatches of all the eyeshadow so that you can see the colour and pigmentation better.

I feel that with this palette there is a diverse range of colours ranging from neutrals to more colourful colours, meaning that this palette is perfect for creating many different looks both day and night, smokey and natural, but it is also great for travelling as you have all the colours you would need, however the palette itself is quite thin and flimsy so if you was travelling with it I would recommend you packaging it well. Therefore my overall all opinion is that this palette is incredible there are many positives and if you are able to get your hands on this palette don't hesitate to get it. The only negative thing about this palette that I can think of if I am being critical is that the palette doesn't include a mirror which I feel would be quite handy.

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