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Qi Best Lip Series | Long Lasting Lipgloss | Liquid Lipstick Swatches | First Impression/Review

You all know that I love a bargain so when I came across these liquid lipsticks I knew that I needed to have them in my collection. The are called the Qi Best Lip series Long Lasting Lip Gloss and I found them on Ebay for only £1. The shade that caught my eye was shade 18 which is a beautiful nude / beige shade and it reminded me of the Jeffree star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity skin, La Splash Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ghoulish and the Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade cashmere, so I decided to only buy five and see what I think of them and compare them to my other similar shades to see if I have found a cheaper dupe.
Shades from left to right - 15, 18, 28, 06, 22


Lets start off with the packaging of these liquid lipsticks which I absolutely love, I think that the packaging makes these liquid lipsticks look so expensive and luxurious, and It reminds me of the Maybelline Colour Elixir lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks packaging has a plastic casing which looks like glass with the look of a lipstick tube inside I'm so bad a describing things but you will know what I mean when you see the pictures. These liquid lipsticks have got a sloped applicator which I do find so hard to use and I am not sure why, so I found it easier to apply these liquid lipsticks will a lip brush for a more precise application. 

Liquid Lipsticks

These liquid lipstick come in a variety of different shades and these is a colour to suit everyone skin tone and preferences. I had such high expectation for these liquid lipsticks but I am not completely happy with them, as there is one things that I don't like about them. I feel that when you apply them to your lips they are really sticky and feel uncomfortable to wear and this stickiness does last for about 30 minutes after application. However I love everything else about the liquid lipsticks, when you apply them they dry almost instantly on the lips and they stay in place for hours with no bleeding or smudging around the lip line. These liquid lipstick are very pigmented as you can see from the swatches and last on the lips for hours, depending on what you are eating a drinking these liquid lipstick can last on your lips anywhere from 3-4 hours, but this could have been that I only drank water and had nothing to eat or the results could be shorter. Another great thing about these liquid lipsticks is that they don't have a smell to them, which could be a real put off, if they have a horrid smell as a lot of my liquid lipsticks smell like chemicals and paint which makes me reach for them less than the ones that don't smell.

Shades from top to bottom -  15, 18, 28, 06,

Shade 22

shades from right to left -  15, 18, 28, 06, 22
Price and availability

The price of these liquid lipsticks are unbelievable and retail for only £1 which is crazy! as they are worth every penny. They're also very widely available and can be found on eBay from many sellers, The ones that I brought where from HERE! and took less than a week for delivery from china which I was also surprised about, and the seller I brought from offers free delivery.

Overall Opinion

After trying out these lipsticks I do love the quality, texture and pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks and I would definitely recommend these lipsticks as they are great value for price. The thing that I was most surprised about with these lipsticks was that they were so matte but didn't feel drying on the lips at all, which I don't find with my other matte liquid lipsticks.

However I don't know about the third liquid lipstick in the shade 06 as it applied nicely to the lips and felt as though it has a glossy finish but I didn't feel that is dried as matte as the other liquid lipsticks and it does have some fine shimmer in it which I am not overly keen on and isn't too pigmented, so I am not sure if this was just from a bad batch but I would not recommend this shade. However I have already order more of these liquid lipsticks so make sure you subscribe to my blog or follow my social media to say up to date with my posts.

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