Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beauty tips and tricks - eyeshadows

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog and to beauty tips and tricks Tuesday which is going to be on eye shadows, and don't forget to check out my previous blog on tips and tricks - makeup application for dry skin.

1. Make sure to apply a light base under the eyeshadow such as NYX jumbo pencil in the shade milk or mac painterly paint pot, as this will act as a primer to make the colour pop and appear more intense and will also make it last longer with less creasing.

2. When choosing an eyeshadow colour ensure to take your own eyeshadow into consideration, when wearing eyeshadow you want your eye colour to pop, for example golds, bronze and brown shades suit blue eyes best. If you have green eyes then the best colour to wear is pinks and brown, and if you have browns eyes then most colours will suit you whether that is brown, taupe, purple (my favourite to wear), blue and green.

3, When applying eyeshadows I find that the best tools to use are eyeshadow brushes, as the sponge applicators don't do much for me, and I think that eyeshadow brushes can really make a difference to the quality of the eye makeup look.

4. My next tip is to blend, blend, blend! when you are applying eyeshadow whether you are going for a smokey eye or a natural look it is important to blend your eyeshadow out as you want it too look seamless, therefore I would recommend using a transition shade so that all the other eyeshadows blend out easily,

5. My last tip is when removing eye makeup use coconut oil as it is gently on the eye and is all natural as your eye area is quite sensitive.

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