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My Top 5 Perfect Red Christmas Lipsticks

When it comes to Christmas and lip colours I have to say that reds are my favourite, I don't normally gravitate towards reds as I am more of a dark nude or pink, but for the winter months I seem to make an exception and why not when Christmas is approaching so quickly. So here is my top 5 red lipsticks that I love to wear over the winter/Christmas months which are all affordable - so whether you prefer a dark deep red or a cherry red I am sure that there is a perfect red lipstick out there for everyone and these are mine...

Gerard Cosmetics - Fire Engine
I am not a huge fan of Gerard cosmetics as a company as II did have many problems with shipping and customs and then the lipstick I received was damaged, however I cannot fault the customer service team who where amazing when dealing with my issues and I cannot fault this lipstick, I wasn't a huge fan when I received this lipstick and tried it on for the first time, but this lipstick has quickly become one of may favourite and has therefore made it into my top 5. I feel that this lipstick is a classic red shade which dries semi matte, and I feel that this lip colour would compliment any skin tone. Another positive about this lipstick is that I find it very long wearing which is great for Christmas parties and also very full coverage.  If you live in the UK then you may be able to find this lipstick at Cocktail Cosmetics (£12.50) or Beauty Bay (£9.50). 

If you are one of my regular readers then you are already aware that I love, love, love Makeup Revolution, they are such an affordable brand with great quality products and this lipstick isn't an exception. If you are not keen on a true classic red then this shade may be the perfect red for you as it has more of a orange under tone, so its not so bright and in your face like the Gerard cosmetics one. I love the packaging of this lipstick but that is probably because I am a sucker for rose gold i mean comon who isn't? this lipstick has a really creamy texture and is easy to apply to the lips and has got more of a sheen finish, however makeup revolution have also released dual matte, if you prefer more of a matte finish. This lipstick is quite pigmented and does last for a considerable amount of time, but I find the matte one to last a bit longer but it is a bit more drying. This lipstick is so affordable and in my opinion is underpriced for the quality, and retail at Makeup Revolution for £2.50.

As I just mention makeup revolution is one of my favourite brands for lipsticks, therefore another shade from the same collection has made it into my top 5 and that is Propoganda, I have included this red as it is more of a cherry red shade, so it is perfect for those pink shade lovers like me. Like Dual this lipstick has creamy texture when applied, very pigmented and lasts long on the lips before needing reapplication. I feel that this shade is a must have in every girls makeup bag as it is such as nice shade.

Makeup Academy - Shade 1
I would put Mua in the same category as Makeup revolution, they are a great affordable brand that release to quality products and the red lipstick in the shade 1 is amazing. I do really love this colour for the colder winter months which I completely recommend this lipstick for any skin tone. This lipstick is a deep berry red shade, and like the makeup revolution lipsticks this are really pigmented and creamy however they don't last as long on the lips. This can be found at MUA for £1.

Makeup Academy Liquid Lipstick - Reckless
This liquid lipstick is another favourite of mine as I do love matte lipsticks and they don't get more matte than this liquid lipstick. This is also a beautiful classic and timeless red shade, and would be perfect for Christmas parties or even when eating Christmas dinner as it lasts so long on the lips, however this is one of the most drying liquid lipstick I own, but I suppose that is why is lasts so long so I cant really complain. This lipstick can be found at Makeup Academy for £3.

So here are my top 5 Christmas red lipsticks, However I have a few more favourites which would have made it into my top 5 however I know how annoying it is to see a lipstick shade that you absolutely love and then you find out that it is limited edition, therefore I thought that I would mention them here;

My favourite red lipstick of all times is MAC (Toledo)  in the shade Victoriana, this lipstick is the perfect matte red shade and I have found my mom trying to steal this lipstick a few times now, if it wasn't limited edition I would of gave it her a brought another but you all know I cant part with my mac limited editions. therefore I believe that this shade is perfect for every skin tone and of all ages. this lipstick is also very pigmented,  creamy has good longevity and makes my teeth look really white which is always a positive.

The last lipstick is also by mac and is in the shade viva glam Rhianna, in my opinion this is such as christmassy colour, as normally Christmas colours make me think of red and glitter and this has both, its a gorgeous pink-y red with a glittery sheen to it and looks amazing on and very christmassy.

Let me know below what your favourite red christmassy lipstick is I would love to know

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