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May Favorites - Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette, Essence, Elf, Mua, Makeup Revolution

Lets start off June with my may favourites, I did my spring clean over the last month and yes that meant cleaning out my makeup collection and throwing out makeup that had expired or giving makeup to my sisters that I haven't been reaching towards as it is only going to go out of date, and of course when cleaning up I had found some makeup that hadn't even been used still in its packaging at the back of my makeup draw as well as a makeup that I completely forget I owned, so I have quite a lot of makeup products that I have re discovered and having being loving and using so much this months, so I am going to stop rambling and show you my favourites of this month.

My first item that I have been loving and that has quickly become one of my favourite palettes is my Morhpe brushes Jaclyn hill favourites palette and yes I know that I am cheating because technically I haven't been using it all month but since I have received it I have used it everyday so surely I can class that as one of my favourites... yeah?

The lip liner from the brand essence in the shade 06 satin mauve is another favourite for this month, I have been wearing this lip liner constantly throughout this month. It is not only a pretty nude/ pink shade but it goes with nearly every makeup look I do and looks great on its own or paired with nude lipstick. Another great thing about this lip liner is that it retails for only £1 yes only £1 that it such a bargain. The quality of these lip liners are amazing, the formula is creamy and glides on nicely but it is also pigmented and last long on the lips, and then when it fades in stains the lips therefore there is no need for re application.

I have been loving the elf contouring blush and bronzer duo, I have been using this all month and it is my holy grail product to contour with, it is very much on the warm side which I like for the summer months and has bits of shimmer, but when on the cheeks it looks pretty much matte and is so pretty. I have hit pan on the product and elf have unfortunately closed down, so I am going to have to look online and see if I can repurchase this product somewhere with out getting charged the dreaded customs. I am not too fond of the blusher side but this is mainly because I prefer my blushes to be matte and with this one you can see the glitter, however it is a pretty colour and it very pigmented to.

If you didn't already know my favourite eyeshadow colour to wear is purple, so other than the Jaclyn hill palette I have been using this makeup revolution one called I am powerful, this is such as pretty little palette, the colours are amazing, I love the pigmentation and texture of the eyeshadows and it is so affordable. This palette includes 6 different colours which are both matte and shimmery, there is a matte highlight shade, 3 beautiful purple shades, and bronze and taupe shade and I am able to make such pretty day and night looks using this palette, it also came with a pretty berry shade lipstick which goes nice with the eyeshadow colours and looks great for autumn and winter months.

My next favourite is the mua nail polishes, they are so affordable at only £1 and all the colours are so pretty especially the spring collection, my favourite one that I have been wearing lately is in the shade pistachio ice cream and it is a beautiful mint shade, I have been wearing this shade on all my nails apart from the ring finger which I have been using a silver glitter nail polish and I think it looks so cute for spring/ summer. There is only one negative thing about these nail polishes and that is that they take so long to dry and I feel that I have no patients whats so ever when it comes to nails, so I recommend using a fast drying top coat.
Ameretto crush, Bold blue, Sweet peach, Frozen yogurt, pistachio ice cream

You all know that I am a lover of blushers so when I rediscovered my makeup revolution blush palette I was so chuffed, I completely forget how much I loved this product and couldn't understand why I stopped using it. However this palette has been my go to all month as it contains 8 different blusher shades which is so handy as there is a colour for every skin tone and it is so affordable. 

The last makeup product is from the brand elf and is the elf cream blusher in the shade vixen, this was one of the first creams blushers I have ever purchased and I really like it, the colour is beautiful they are so pigmented but you can use a light hand to get a lighter coverage to achieve a more natural look. This blushers are so affordable and are of great quality. I also really like the packaging the glass bit makes it look more luxurious.

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