Friday, 10 July 2015

Urban Decay | Naked on the run palette | swatches | review

I received this palette as a gift for Christmas which I swacthed on the day at thought it was a bit meh! However when cleaning out my makeup collection last month I rediscovered this palette and swatched it again and was surprised that I hadn't used it yet, as all the eyeshadow shades looked absolutely gorgeous and I cant believe I never used it sooner.

Lets start off with the packaging which I am totally in love with, I think that it looks so luxurious with its rose gold tin affect however is it a little but bulky but this is so it is able to accommodate for the mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss which is a great added extra. I feel that even though this palette would take up quite a bit of space I still feel that it is great for travelling as it has gone nearly everything you would need, all you would have to do it add your foundation, concealer and primers.

ok now to the eyeshadows which is the best part about this palette well in my opinion. There are five gorgeous eyeshadow shades two of which are matte and the other three are shimmery, In my opinion the shades are very similar to the naked 1 palette.

 Now to the face powders included in this palette, which I am not to keen on, personally because they don't show up too well on my skin tone, so this doesn't mean that it wont look great on you! The bronzer shade is very warm and pulls quite orange which I do like in my bronzers and they look so nice in the summer however this shade isn't dark enough when on my skin, However when I swatch it on my arm it is a bit more pigmented and blends out seamlessly. Moving on to the blusher which is quite pigmented and would show up nicely on my skin the only negative is that I don't really like the shade of pink it is very bubblegum pink shade, which I would recommend you using it with a light hand, however it does also blend out easy so it could be easily corrected if you added to much. The last face product is the highlight shade but it does say on the packaging that it is an all over shade but this is way to light and chalky to put all over my face and it does have a slight sheen so I would use it as a highlight shade.

The mascara that is included in this palette is the urban decay perversion mascara which is a great size as it is a travel size addition, This mascara was the only thing from this palette I have used on a regular basis and I do love it because it gives me heaps of volume and also lengthens my lashes, it was also mentioned in my January Favourites.

The lip gloss included in this palette is the only lip gloss I own from urban decay and just basing it on the packaging alone I already want to buy more. It has got a expensive luxurious look and the colour is a perfect shade for summer which is a beautiful coral shade, for a lip gloss I feel that this is very pigmented and doesn't feel to sticky on the lips which is great positive and I don't really like lip gloss but I will definitely look into buying more of these.

The last things to mentioned is the 24/7 glided on eye pencil which is a great quality eyeliner but it isn't my favourite because i prefer to wear black eyeliners and this is brown however it applies to the eyes so smooth and last a really long time which means that it does everything it claims.

This palette retails for £37 and can be found Debenhams .my overall opinion is that this palette is worth it especially if you have fair to medium skin tones as all the shades are going to show up on your skin. And I feel that it is great quality and value for the price.

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