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Mac wash and dry collection - swatches and first impression/review (steam heat, tumble dry, morange, hipiness and freshen up)

Hello beauties how are you all doing today, I was suppose to publish this post ages ago but completely forgot about it, but its better late then never. My first thought when I saw the sneak peaks of this item was that I needed everything from this collection I was totally in love with the packaging, it was so bright and colourful and just reminded me on summer. However when I went to the store to pick this collection up I was quite disappointed as the items wasn't what I was expecting.  And I wasn't prepared to buy everything from the collection such as the bronzing powders, eyeshadow palettes and one of the blushes, this was because the eyeshadow palettes didn't look that great swatches and I know that they wouldn't get used as much as other trios I own and the bronzing powders and blush wouldn't of shown up on my skin which I was so upset about (oh and I am not a lip gloss person). Anyway I am going to stop being negative and shows you all the beauties I pick up from this collection.

The first things I got from this collection was the lipsticks, I only picked up 3 out of the 4 because after swatching creme d nude it looked way to light even though it is so pretty. So the 3 lipstick shades I got where steam heat, tumble dry and morange. 

Tumble dry is a limited edition lipstick which is a beautiful light orange shade with a luster finish, I think that this lipstick is perfect for the warmer summer months just to give you a light wash of colour, or it could look nice over another lipstick. This lipstick inst very pigmented at all and I don't feel that I will use this that much but the packaging is just gorgeous so I had to get it.

Steam heat is also a limited edition shade which is a yellow red with a satin finish, after swatches this lipstick I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favourite red shades. This colour is so creamy and pigmented and last about 5 hours before it needs reapplying.

The last lipstick is in the shade morange which is what I was the most excited about as I have been loving Mac bao bao wan forbidden sunrise lately and this looked a similar colour, morange is a bright vivid orange shade with an amplified finish however this is a re promote shade.

The one and only blush I got from the collection was in the shade hipness and is a warm tone pink shade with a hint of peach, this is a limited edition blusher and has a satin finish, and omg I love this blusher so much I feel that it would suit and compliment every skin tone and I know that it will get a lot of use throughout spring and summer. This also lasted quite long on the lips I would say around 4-5 hours before it starting disappearing on the inside part of my bottom lip.

The last item I got from this collection is a highlight powder in the shade freshen up, I think that this highlight powder is so unique it consist of three different colours which swirled around together is a peachy orangery reddish warm tone shade with a sheen finish. However I am disappointed that this gold design is only an over spray and goes after a few uses, but it seriously is so pretty which you can tell from the swatch just a beautiful golden shimmer shade.

Therefore my overall opinion on this collection is that the packaging is literally amazing, however a lot of the products in this collection do not show up on the skin, so what I could buy was very limited. So I am going to mark them on their longevity, texture, pigmentation and overall opinion. 

Steam heat - A+
Morange - A
Tumble dry - C-
Hipness blush - A
Freshen up - C+

What is your favourite thing from this collection let me know below?
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