Saturday, 16 May 2015

Elf Cream blushers review and swatches

hello beauties I hope you are all doing well a few weeks ago I mentioned these cream blushes which I got from E.L.F during the sale and I feel that I have used them enough now to give a good and honest review.

These cream blushes cost me £1.30 each but are normally £6.50 which i believe is an absolute bargain. These elf blushes are the first ever cream blushers I have ever bought or tried, but I have heard so many people say that cream products are better for my dry skin as powder can look dry and patchy on my skin as it seem to cling to dry patches and emphasis them, however when using these cream blushes they applied to my skin so smoothly and blending in seamlessly, I couldn't believe how natural and flawless it looks on my skin and its so lightweight you don't even know you have got it on as I was expecting it to feel wet or sticky but it is soft and silky, I feel that the best way to apply these blushers is with a stippling I use my real techniques one, as it applies to light and equally therefore it allows you to build up the colour if needed.
Heart breaker

 I only managed to get 3 from the whole collection which I am so disappointed about because they're going to be so hard to get now and I love them. The three shades I got are Vixen which is a mauve plum shade, heart breaker which is a light pink shade and is perfect for the warmer summer months and the last one is in the shade seductress which is a pinky red shade. The longevity of these blushes are amazing I apply them in the morning around 10 and when I take it of at night it is still a fresh and vibrant looking as when I first applied it. I feel that when I where these blushers I don't need to wear a highlight because it gives your cheeks a soft natural glow which looks absolutely beautiful especially in the summer months, and the last thing I have to say about these blushers is that I really like the packaging I think that they look so sleek and and I like the plastic bottom showing the colour which is meant to look like glass.

texture 4/5
pigmentation 5/5
longevity 5/5
price 5/5
packaging 4/5
overall 5/5

I will 100% recommend these cream blushes to everyone if you can get your hands on them and they are great and they have made me want to purchase more cream products ready for the summer. 
Have you tried these blushers what do you think?
can you recommend any other brand of cream blushers?

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