Monday, 22 June 2015

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows | Swatches | First impressions/ Review

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen me post a picture of my latest shopping trip where I bought some gorgeous makeup geek eyeshadows, If not then don't forget to follow me on Instagram. Anyway back to the makeup geek eyeshadows, I have been hearing so many people raving about these eyeshadows all over youtube and felt as though I was missing out on something amazing, so I decided to buy a few eyeshadows and see what I thought about them. 


When picking the eyeshadows I wanted to play safe so I mainly bought neutral shades, as I wear a more natural look on a regular basis, so this gave me the opportunity to really experiment with these eyeshadow and see if they were as good as everyone was saying they were. I own 5 makeup geek eyeshadows in the shades..
  • Purely Naked - Shimmery tan
  • Frappe - Medium maple brown matte
  • Crème Brulee- A medium sand colour with a soft matte finish
  • Shimma Shimma- Metallic Champagne
  • Pretentious - Metallic bronze

The price of these eyeshadows are so affordable retailing at only $5.99 which is just under £4 if you live within the UK,  however after speaking to a few friends who had purchased from the makeup geek website I was aware that there would be a custom charge, so I bought my 4 eyeshadows off my friend for £10 which is still a bargain and one off ebay which was £5, therefore if you don't mind paying customs and shipping then I would definitely recommend buying these eyeshadows from the website but if not then I would definitely recommend you check out ebay first but ensure you check there reviews and read the description before buying.


Therefore after trying out all these eyeshadows my overall opinion is that I love them all and I have already been on the look out for some more of their eyeshadows but I want to try out their foiled ones and I have seen them swatches and they look absolutely amazing. If think that for the price the quality is the best quality eyeshadow I have ever tried and I have a feeling that my dearest MAC eyeshadows are going to get neglected now. There isn't one negative thing I can find about these eye shadows, I love the texture as they are so creamy and apply so smoothly to the eyes, and I feel that they are extremely pigmented especially the matte shades as I find it hard to find matte shades they are pigmented and don't apply patchy and to top it off they blend so nicely. So my honest opinion is that I will be recommending these eyeshadows to everyone because they have quickly became my favourite eyeshadow, oh and I forgot to mention that makeup geek ship worldwide which is great as it means you haven't got to worry about using the shipping service and paying more money on shipping.

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