Thursday, 11 June 2015

Krystellie Fashion Hair exstensions first impression / review and demo

Ok so lately I have really been wanting longer hair so I decided to buy some extensions, but I didn't want to invest in a pair of expensive extensions as I changed my mind so often and may not use them after two weeks (why am I so indecisive lol). However when scrolling thought Facebook I stumbled upon a page called Krystellie fashion where they were selling hair extensions and currently had a half price sale so after reading some reviews from previous customers I decided to purchase off this website and see if they were worth it.
first time wearing the hair extensions

When ordering these extensions I found that the website easy to navigate around and they had a variety of different extensions, which all had a colour which made it easy to order the correct colour.
I ordered the straight 22/24 inch in the colour... Delivery was quite fast as well once I had received a dispatched email they arrived within 2 days which was great.

My first impressions of the hair extensions was that they were very thick and silky and they looked pretty natural. However when I put the hair extensions in they had a completely different texture to my own hair, but it wasn't too noticeable so I could deal with that but the shade didn't match me that well. However a great thing about these extensions is that they are double wefted and are as thickness from the top to the bottom, as I find most synthetic extensions are thick as the top and as you get to the bottom they thin which I don't like the look of. Also It states on the website that the extension has be styled with heat if up to 180o but not dyed. when trying to curl these extension they just wouldn't hold the curl and ending up looking kinked at the ends, but I couldn't straighten them back to how I received them because I cant change the temperature on my ghds and I thought that they would just melt and catch fire.

Hair extensions after 3 uses

Hair extensions after 3 uses

Therefore after using these hair extensions I am not completely satisfied as I found that the hair extensions got really knotty and tangled only after a few days of wear, and after 1 week they lost the shiny look and silky texture, I guess that these hair extensions would be ok if you was just going to use them for a special occasion because they are really nice the first time you use them, but other than that I would re purchase or recommend, as I have had cheaper synthetic hair extensions last longer and look better than these after a few uses.

Have you tried these hair extensions what do you think?
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