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June Lip Monthly Be A Bombshell | So Susan | Jelly Pong Pong | JCat | Swatches and review

Hello and welcome back to my daily dose of lip products aha that sounded so cheesy but I just wanted to mix my introduction for a change lol. I know that this post is a little late as I have had my bag for just over 2 weeks now but I completely forgot about it so I suppose it is better late than never. 

Be A Bombshell Lipstick | $14
So the first product that I received in this months bag was a lipstick from the brand Be A Bombshell in the shade Hollywood, which is a gorgeous red with a hint of orange which is great for the summer with a nice glowing tan. Can I just say I love the packaging of this lipstick as it looks exactly the same as the mac lipstick packaging, its matte black and looks so slick, This lipstick formula is a amazing one of the most creamiest lipsticks I have owned, it just glides onto your lips so effortlessly and smoothly. The pigmentation is great one swipe and the colour is so intense I am quite surprised with the quality of this lipstick. This lipstick has a cream sheen finish and lasts on the lips for 3-4 hours and a good thing about this lipstick is when its starts coming off it lightly stains yours lips. 

So Susan Colour Hybrid | $17.50
This is the my favourite thing in this months bag as it was totally unexpected, From the packaging I was expecting this lip product to be a lip balm and too my surprise this is actually a liquid lipstick, the shade of this lipstick is definitely me and it is a beautiful strawberry red shade and it smells amazing I feel like just eating it yes it smells that good aha. I don't really like the packaging of this lipstick but that is only because way too much comes out and makes a mess so you have to squeeze a little bit on the back of your hand and either apply with your fingers or a lip brush and this can be messy and cause a lot of waste. However the quality is great, so is the colour and this liquid lipstick dries matte all most immediately and lasts on your lips for a good 4 hours before needed replication, The texture of this lipstick is quite wet and slippery but as soon as it dries the pigmentation and the colour is great. This lipstick does not feel sticky however I find it does transfer on glasses but they don't feel drying which is great, If you like these types of lipstick I would recommend you trying these. 

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments | $19,95
This product really confused me when I read the little card that comes with the bag, as the name of this product is called a paradise pigments I associate pigments to eyeshadow and I thought that they had sent me two non lip products, but when I took the item out I realised that it was like a lip balm. I love the packaging it a gorgeous round glass container that is so heavy and feels so expensive and luxurious this lip product is in the shade fig jam. Another great thing about this product is that is has more than one use, it can be used a lip product or a cream blush which is think is great as it saves money and storage. I feel that for a lip balm type product this is very pigmented and is a pretty cool toned pink. I like to apply this lip product with a lip brush so that it is more precise, and I like that you can apply a light layer or build up the colour if you want it more intense, so I think that the colour pay off is good, and it also stains your lips after.

MMU JCat Eyeshadow | $2.99
This was the non lip product that I received and I was happy to received an eyeshadow as I know that I will get much use out of it, The colour is a gorgeous foiled / metallic gold shade. The shade is called ticket to stardom. I love how smooth and creamy it is when you apply it to the lid as I hate eyeshadow that are chalky, and the pigmentation is great as you can see from the swatch below and that was without a primer, it also blends nicely. 

I am really loving this months bag I think it is probably my favourite, if you have liked anything you have seen they I definitely recommend you check out Lip Monthly and don't forget to check out my previous lip monthly bags HERE!

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