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weight loss Wednesday update | How much weight I have lost | Meal plan

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If you follow my weight loss Wednesday then you would have noticed that I have posted a recent update and this was because after the day I posted weight loss Wednesday week 1 and started my diet I just had no motivation whats so ever and completely gave up on losing weight. However last week I had been talking to some close family members about losing weight and they recommended that I try slimming world, after doing some research on slimming world, I wasn't convinced at all that I could lose weight and still eat food that I enjoyed but I still decided to give it a go, and oh was I wrong.

If you are not familiar with slimming world it is UK based and is a weight loss organisation, where you are able to to meet over members trying to lose weight, get friendly advice and support which will give you the motivation to lose weight and be healthy. By signing up and becoming a member of slimming world there are many benefits such as having access 1,400 recipes, a friendly highly trained consultant and much more.

I have been doing the slimming world menu now for 1 week now, where I had to cook all my meals from scratch and follow the easy recipes that are provided on there website, everything I have cooked has been delicious and it has also filled me up, so for the past week I haven't felt as though I was on a diet as I normally feel constantly hungry about 30 minutes after eating. Therefore I will include my meal plan below so that you can see what I was eating and little things that I have swapped and change in my diet which have helped with the weight loss.

The slimming world plan that I am following is that I am allowed up to 15 syns a day and if i don't use them, then they can roll over to the next day. Most of the food you eat has to be free foods which should fill 1/3 of your plate however there are many foods that don't have any syns, such as most fruit and vegetables, rice, pasta and some dairy products such as fat free fromage frais, fat free natural yogurt, fat free natural cottage cheese, quark and eggs. Some types of meat and fish are also included in your free foods as long as visible fat is removed and they are lean.

Anyway I know that you all want to know how much weight I have lost and in 1 week...I have lost 4 lb which I am so proud of, I know that it doesn't sound like much but it really surprised me as I feel that I have been eating the same things just making them from scratch and cooking them differently, also I haven't had a take a way which I am very much missing but if I save my syns I may treat myself lol. Because I have lost a little bit of weight it has really gave me the motivation to carry on and I cant wait to see results. I do think to get the best results possible I would recommend incorporating some sort of exercise whether that is going swimming, walking the dog even walking to the shops, as I mentioned in my last post weight loss Wednesday week 1 I am still doing my fitness blender videos but I am only doing the 30 minute workouts now, however I know family members that have lost weight through slimming world and are not doing exercise but the weight loss is just a little bit less, about 1-2 lb a week.

1 week meal plan
Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs, two pieces of whole meal bread, 1/4 beans and 1 coffee with skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Lunch - Jacket potato with 1/2 beans with 1 coffee, skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Dinner - Beef curry with a glass of water

Breakfast - Porridge topped with natural yogurt and fruit and a glass of water
Lunch - Salad with 1 tea, skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Dinner - Chili con carne and rice with a glass of water

Breakfast - 2 pouched eggs, 1/4 beans, 1 bacon (visible fat removed), 3 mushrooms sliced and 1 coffee with skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Lunch - granola yogurt, 2 bananas and 1 orange = 5 syns
Dinner - Chicken supreme, veg and home made chips and a glass of water

Breakfast - Wholemeal toast, 1/2 beans and two pouched eggs with a glass of water
Lunch - Tuna salad and a glass of water = 2.5 syns
Dinner - Spaghetti bolognese with grated cheese and a glass of water = 2 syns

Breakfast - 1 coffee, skimmed milk and 1 sugar  = 1 syn
Lunch - Beans and 2 wholemeal toast with a glass of water
Dinner - Cajun chicken, Homemade wedges and coleslaw = 2.5 syns

Breakfast - porridge, natural yogurt and fruit with 1 tea, skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Lunch - Butternut squash soup with 1 glass of water
Dinner cottage pie = 5 syns

Breakfast 1 coffee with skimmed milk and 1 sugar = 1 syn
Lunch- bowl of mixed fruit
dinner - chicken, veg, potatoes and 1 glass of water = 2 syns

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