Friday, 17 April 2015

Lipstick Haul - L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks swatches and review

A few days ago I was scrolling through my instagram when I noticed a picture from superdrug advertising the L'Oreal colour riche lipsticks...they were celebrating 30 years of the lipstick. Therefore the lipsticks were on sale at £3, as I am a lipstick lover and I have never tried L'Oreal lipsticks before I decided to buy a couple to try them out, but when I went on the superdrug website not only were they £3 but they had the 3 for 2 offer so I was able to get 9 of the lipsticks. I can honestly say that I am totally in love with the packaging I love gold packaging so much (looks so luxurious and expensive) and I think that the colour range is a amazing as they range of colours from light nudes, dark nudes, pinks, purples and berry with a few matte finishes which is my favourite finish. 


  • I am totally in love with the packaging its soo pretty
  • The lipsticks have a nice smelly to them (sweet smelling)
  • some of the colours are really pigmented
  • some of the colours are creamy
  • Great price
  • they fit into my lipstick holder
  • Not every lipstick was really pigmented and some where like glosses
  • some of the glossy lipsticks felt greasy on the lips

Therefore my overall opinion on these lipsticks is that they are hit and miss, some colours such as 430, 364,132 and 640 (which is my favourite a beautiful pink nude tone) are really creamy and pigmented and last quite long on my lips and some of the other shades are just really glossy and I feel that they are not pigmented or creamy, they also seem to feel greasy and slide around the lips so they don't feel like they dry properly and don't last long either they have to be replied quite a lot and the colours just aren't build able. For that reason I am going to give these lipsticks a 4/10, nonetheless I do still recommend the 4 colours mentioned above as I love them and they will get much use especially this summer as the colours are perfect. 

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kara xoxo

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