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April Lip monthly - Cargo, City Color, LA Girl and Ofra cosmetics mini review and swatches

yay it is finally here I don't know why this months lip monthly took so long to arrive but I suppose better late then never. This months lip monthly came packaged in a cute orange makeup bag with purple flowerish detailing aha I am so bad at describing things but you will see what I mean from the picture below. The little card that is included in the bag provides information about the products inside and a little summary of why the colour and item were chosen therefore it says that "this months bag includes colours that are perfect for the warmer spring weather.

The first Item I received was a lip gloss from Cargo, now if you already know me I not a fan of lip glosses but I like Cargo as a brand and the colour of the lip gloss and packaging is actually nice, I think that this might be the beginning or turning point for me liking lip glosses. This lip gloss is a travel size product however lip monthly claim that it has the same amount of product in it as a normal size lip gloss but I am not to sure about that. The colour of this lip gloss is in the shade Sahara which is a beautiful peachy nude colour with glitter which would look perfect in spring and also summer especially when used on top of another lipsticks. The lip gloss also has a nice sweet smell to it which I love but it does feel quite sticky on the lips which it  probably would as it is a lip gloss but I just need to get used to it and it retails for $16. I have received an item before from the cargo cosmetics if your interested check out my February Lip Monthly.

The next lip product was a full size lipstick which is may absolute favourite makeup item and omg this lipstick is truly amazing I love it so much the colour is just beaut. This lipstick is from the brand City color and is called a Be matte lipstick in the shade cammi M26. This colour is a beautiful purpley plum shade. I really like these kind of shades and think they compliment my skin to well however I don't feel this is a spring or summer shade as I usually lean towards my darker purple shades during winter and fall none of the less this is still my favourite product from this months bag and I am confident that it will get much wear, After trying on this lipstick I was so pleasantly surprised at how pigmented this lipstick was and it also lasted quite long on the lips but wasn't one bit drying, it is like the perfect matte lipstick which is creamy and moisturising and I definitely recommend these lipsticks as I will be 100% buying more. These lipstick have got a faint smell but I cant work out what it smells like and these retail for $4.99

The last lip related product was another full size lipstick from the brand LA Girl in the shade last night, which is a bright shocking pink colour. this colour is so pretty and perfect for summer and it retails at only $4. This lipstick surprised me the most as I wasn't expecting much however when I applied it to my lips the quality w as just as good as mac lipsticks and if they were both in the same packaging I would be able to tell the different between this and mac cremesheen lipsticks, these are so so pigmented and creamy and just look so smooth and flawless, it doesn't sink into any fine lines or cling to dry bits on my lips and is also creamy and moisturising and for the price they are great I will be purchasing more when I am off my spending ban because I need more in my collection. These do also have a smell as well but I like it and its not too overpowering. The packaging isn't to great other then the cute pink writing and little flower print along the lid but who cares when the lipstick is this amazing.

The last product I received in this months bag was from the brand Ofra and is an eyebrow pencil which is said to be universal therefore I cant wait to try out this product soon and see if it works on my eyebrows. These retail at $13 and I loved the lip liner that I received from them check out my lip monthly subscription service.

Therefore I feel this has been an great month I have loved both lipsticks I have received and the retail value of all this items is $37.99 which in pounds is roughly £25.00, if you are interested in this subscription service you can get it from https://lipmonthly.com/.

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I am thinking about signing up to a new subscription service so if you have any recommendation I would love to know?
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