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My top 10 drugstore affordable makeup products | MUA | Rimmel | Maybelline | Loreal | Essence | Seventeen

I am not going to lie to you I love my high end products and even if the quality inst amazing most of them just look so pretty sitting on your vanity, but as a young mom with a two year old child sometimes I have to prioritise other things. Therefore drugstore makeup is a great alternative and sometimes the quality is just as good or even better for a fraction of the price, so I thought that I would share with you my top 10 drugstore makeup products, which I find myself reaching for more than the high end equivalent.

1. MUA/Makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes

My first drugstores products that I love are eyeshadow palettes, I very rarely splurge on eye shadows unless its is my Urban decay naked palettes or too faced chocolate bar pallets which are to die for, especially the too faced palette which smells, looks and tastes amazing. However back to what I was saying, my top drugstore eyeshadow palettes are from the brand Makeup Revolution and also the MUA single eyeshadows which I have depotted into a Z palette. I love these products not only because they are so affordable but because they are of such great quality. These eye shadows are so pigmented, creamy and they don't have much fall out, I use both these brands eye shadows nearly everyday, as you will know if you read my blog on a regular basis, as I am always raving about them.

 2. Rimmel stay matte powder

I use the powder so much that this is probably one of my most re purchased makeup items, and as you can see from the photo this powder is very well used as I have hit pan and all the writing has came off the packaging. This powder is so affordable and retails for around 3.99, it is also widely available and can be found in many places such as Boots, Superdrug and ASOS. This powder comes in six different colours and I bought transparent on a whim because all the over colours looked way to light, however when I tried transparent it was also too light for my skin tone, but its works so well underneath my eyes so set my concealer and brighten up my under eye.

3. Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel liner

This gel eyeliner is one of the best gel eyeliners I have ever tried, I think that it is so good that I have been using the same of now for just over a year, had to throw out all my over gel and liquid eyeliners as they had all dried up or expired whoops. Not only is this gel eyeliner so affordable at just £7.99 but it also comes with a eyeliner brush, which I think is so handy especially for makeup beginner who may not have the right brushes for gel eyeliner. You can purchase this eyeliner from Boots and also where you can get this gel eyeliner is four different colours.

4. Loreal mattifying base primer

If you normally read my blogs you will know that I love this primer it works with my skin type very well as I have an oily T zone but get dry patches and I feel like this primmer not only provides a smooth base for my foundation but it also feel quite hydrating. I find that this primmer reduces the look of pores and imperfections and also give my face a matte looks when my makeup is applied. This primmer can be found at Superdrug and Boots for £7.99. Don't forget to check out my review of this primmer My April favourites .

5. 17 blusher in Nude

This blusher I don't think I have ever mentioned, as I have only recently found it the past month after cleaning out my makeup collection, and completely forgot how much I like this blusher so I had to include it. The shade of this blusher is called nude however I would describe the colour as a dusty rose, I believed this blusher would be perfect for all skin types as I just about shows up on my skin tone and give a beautiful wash of colour on my cheeks and also a slight sheen which I like, especially for summer as I love that summer glow look. Another reason I like this blusher is because of the texture when using this blusher is has such a creamy formula, and it just glides on the skin so smoothly. I would say when touching the blusher with my finger and swatching it it has a silky feel which I like. I feel that this blusher isn't super pigmented but is buildable and blends nicely. However after I wrote this post I went online to see where this was available and a price, but I couldn't find it anywhere so I am not sure if it has been discontinued but if you are able to get your hands on this blusher I would definitely recommend it.

6. MUA blending brush/ ELF crease brushes

I have never been one to spend alot of money on makeup brushes as I like many of my drugstore brushes, but the mua blending brush is one of my favourites eyeshadow blending brush, it blends my eye shadows out so effortlessly and seamlessly and is so soft on the eyes. These can be found on MUA for only £1.95, I think that this is a great price for an eyeshadow brush let alone one as good as this one, the quality is amazing and I have wash the brush many times and have never experienced any shedding, i need to invest in buying a few more as I am so lazy when it comes to washing my brushes. Another affordable and favourite eyeshadow brush of mine is the elf crease brush, like the Mua brush it has really soft bristles but is quite dense, so it picks up both loose and pressed eye shadows well, and is the perfect size for my crease, I own roughly five of these brushes and they retail for $1, which is less than £1 which is great price for another great item, if you didn't already the UK elf website has gone cry face emoji, but I was able to buy my brushes from Miss A.

7. MUA pigments

During the MUA spring sale I bought their loose pigments for only £0.50 which I thought was a bargain alone, but I have found myself using these pigments more often that what I thought I would, as they are so pigmented and stay of my lids for quite a long times, I very impressed with them especially for the price so I thought that I would have to give these a mention as I feel that mua don't get the recognition that they deserve.

8. Studio marbled bronzer

When cleaning out my makeup collection I found this bronzer that was broken at the back of my makeup draw, I had never used this bronzer before because it was full of glitter which I am not too keen on so I put it on the side to throw it away, However just before I went to put it in the bin for some reason I decided to swatch it, and omg I am so glad that I did, because I have completely feel in love with it. I am aware that this bronzer is not a bronzer on my skin tone and is in fact a beautiful golden highlighter, I am so sad that I didn't use it sooner and for some reason i cant find it anywhere online, but I have decided to include it, encase you are like me and have got this sitting in the back of your makeup collection never used, or you stumbled across it online because it really is amazing highlighter.

9. essence lipliners

I have been loving lip liners lately and this is one of my favourites brands for lipliners, they are so affordable and retail for only £1 which is a great price for the quality of these lip liners. I have spoke about these lipliners a lot on my blog lately so don't forget to check out .... These lip liner are so pigmented and creamy and they last long on this lips, which I wasn't expecting, Another great thing about these lip liner is that they can be worn by itself as well as under another lipstick, My favourite shade of lip liner from the brand is the shade 06 satin mauve which is a nice mauve nude shade, I feel that this lipliner goes with nearly any makeup look and would compliment most skin tones.

10. Contour palette

I love a good contour as feel that I have a really fat face and by contouring makes my face look more slimmer and less flat and gives it dimension which I feel I need. This contour palette is so affordable I was able to get mine from ebay for only £5 which I think is great, this contour palette has a cream formula, is very pigmented but it also blends out nicely.
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