Wednesday, 8 April 2015

March Lip Monthly Hikari, Jcat, Sally Hansen, Jordana and swacthes and review

Hello everyone its that time of the month where I get to share with you what I received in this months Lip monthly, its a bit later but its better late than never lol and don't forget to Check out my other lip monthly blogs here and here.  

The first lip product I got was a lipstick from the brand HIKARI in the shade Crush, It is a beautiful fuchsia pink which is perfect for spring. I have received a lipstick from this brand in the past and I love it, it is pigmented, creamy when applied to the lips and lasts quite long so I know I will get a lot of use from this lipstick. These lipsticks retail for $13. 

This month I also received a lip pencil/chubby stick from the brand Jcat Beauty in the shade Plum. This is a really nice pink colour but is quite sheer, therefore it would look pretty over the top of a lip liner or another lipstick but would also look good by its self. These lip pencils retail at $3.99

The last lip product I got in this months bag was a lip glaze I was so excited about getting this lipsticks as I have been wanted to try this brand for so long but it is so hard to get in the UK. So I got a Jordana lip glaze in the shade Raspberry 04. I am not too keen on the packaging of this lipsticks but it smells amazing like raspberries. Like the lip pencil the lipstick isn't very pigmented and it very sheer but the colour is nice and I cant stop smelling it lol. These lip glazes retail at $1.99. 

The last product I got that wasn't lip related was nail polish by Sally Hansen in the shade Mighty Mango 420, this colour is amazing for spring and as soon as I got it out the bag I took off my nail polish and put this on. I've never tried this brand before but I am going to buy more now. I'm not sure how much these retail at because on the card it says prices varies. 

I love lip monthly so much and I would recommend it to everyone especially if you are living within the UK, I love lip products so much and this subscription service is specifically aimed at lip products and allows you to try products that you wouldn't normally choose, or that are hard to get your hands on in the UK in addition to it being really inexpensive. 

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