Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Bad Makeup Habits | 2016 Goals

we all have the embarassing bad makeup habits that we need to break whether that is not cleaning makeup brushes, not washing makeup off before going to sleep or even checking your foundation shade on the back of your hand

I know that we all have bad makeup habits whether we want to admit it or not, but I have found since I have been blogging about beauty, I have realised that a lot of things I used to do would be considered as a "bad beauty habit" so I thought that I would share with you some of my bad habits and make it one of my 2016 goals to break these habits.

1. I am not going to lie I can be really lazy sometimes and not have the energy to do things after around 8 when I am completely exhausted, I find my self not taking my makeup off till right before I fall asleep (doing this half asleep means I miss quite a bit of my makeup) or even doing it in the morning. So I am going to try and break this habit and remove my makeup properly in addition to following a skin care routine.

2. Not cleaning my brushes regularly- since having my brush egg cleaner I am finding myself cleaning my brushes a lot more than before but I feel although its not enough and that I should be doing it a little more often.

3. This bad makeup habit is kind of linked to the last one - which is that I find myself wiping my eyeshadow brushes on my pajamas in between changing eyeshadows, before getting a different brush or using a brush cleanser (me being lazy again aha).

4.Another bad makeup habit that I do all the time and not realised to after is match my foundation to the back of my hand - You will always find me in boots or debenhams swatching foundations on the back of my hand to find the right shade - to get home try on the foundation and it being the completely wrong colour.

5. My last makeup habit could be costing you money if you do it to, and that is too pump my mascara, even though I know I shouldn't do it, for some reason I always find myself doing it - not only is it bad because it pushes air back into the tube but it causes bacteria to grow and also dries out the mascara much quicker meaning you will need to replace you mascara more often.

I know that I maybe have many more habits that I am not aware of but these are the ones that I know of and want to break for 2016. Are you guilty of committing any of these bad makeup habits or have different ones let me know in the comments.

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