Thursday, 5 February 2015

Makeup Academy (MUA) Blushers swatches and reviews

Hello beauty lovers I hope that you are all doing well, today's blog post is going to be about a recent purchase that I made on the MUA website. I order all 6 of the MUA blushes, as both blushers and lipsticks are my favorite products, and the prices of the MUA ones are so cheap I decided to get the whole range, to see what I thought about them and to see if they were worth the £1 lol.

From left to right - Bubblegum, Marshmallow, Candyfloss, Bon Bon, Cupcake, Lolly
- Pigmentation is great and will even show up on deeper skin tones
- Great range of peach and pink tones
- Blends onto the skin seamlessly
- long lasting
- mostly matte finishes (which I love)
- I like that the blushers have actually names, not just shade 1... etc (however because all the names are sweet foods I though that the blushers would smell sweet like or fruity).

- It is slightly chalky when first applying to the skin
- Could have some additional deeper colours in the collection
- packaging is a bit cheap compared to their other products (however I cant really complain when they are only £1 and the quality is amazing).

Therefore my overall opinion is that the positives out way the negatives and I am really looking forward to MUA releasing some more blusher shades, I would give these blushers 8/10. If your are interested in ordering from the MUA website the website is you can also get MUA products at 
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