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February Lip Monthly Be a bombshell, so susan, Cargo, jelly pong pong swatches and review

woohoo its that time of the month again when I share with you what I received in my February lip monthly subscription, if you are not aware of this subscription services then check out my Lip Monthly Subscription blog. I was very surprised to receive my Lip Monthly this early as I do normally get it around the last few days of the month, as the service is based within the us, however the bag is related to valentines days so they may have sent it out early, but it still didn't get here before valentines day. Oh and could we take a minute to admire the makeup bag I am in love!

The first lip product that I received was a So Susan plumping lip tint in the colour black current, I don't own too many lip chubby sticks so this was a great addition to my collection. When swatching this product and trying it on I was so surprised how pigmented it was because it said lip tint I thought it would be a light wash of colour but this is a really nice colour and texture. Another good thing is that it smells divine and is very fruity and sweet.  The only bad thing I could say about this product is that I don't think it plumped my lips but that is probably because my lips are quite plump anyway. This product is full size and retails at $10. 

The next product I wasn't too excited about is the Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain, which is a like a lip palette with four colours and a brush, I didn't really like this product and only have negative things to say about it unfortunately. The first thing is that the packaging is really cheap not to mention I can barely fit my finger on lip brush into the product, this colours are not pigmented and dont show up on my skin never mind my lips so I wasnt able to put a picture of a swatch, I think the product is overpriced retailing at $25. The only good thing is that the product is that it is full size, however it hasn't gone to waste as my little 5 year old sister loves it. 

The last lip related product is Be A Bombshell Lip gloss in the colour hooked, I actually love this product and I have heard so many YouTubers mention this brand but have never purchased anything from them, however after using this lipgloss I am going to try and get my hands on some more products from this brand. The lipstick is so pigmented, it is a really nice colour and is full size. The product retails at $13 and I think that it is worth it. 

My last item I received was a MMU Cargo Eyeshadow in the colour flint. I was happy at first as I don't own anything from this brand either and I am completely in love with this packaging. However the eyeshadow inst a great colour as it is just grey, and the only grey I like is christian grey aha. When applied dry it inst very pigmented however when applied wet it is more pigmented, But I will be looking forward to buying more cargo products, this one retails for $16 and is full size. 

Applied wet on the left
Therefore my overall opinion on this months lip monthly is quite good the only thing that I wasn't too happy with was the jelly pong pong lip palette, but other than that I will use the other products and the two lip products will pair nice together. I would definitely recommend this subscription services, especially if you live within the uk, as it gives you the chance to try new makeup products that are hard to get in the uk, as well as trying products you wouldn't normally buy which you may love.

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