Friday, 6 February 2015

January Lip Monthly - Ofra, Mica beauty, Eco lips and Harvey prince perfume swatches and review

Hello all you beauty lovers I hope that you are all doing well. Today's blog post is about the monthly subscription box called lip monthly which I have been receiving now for a few months, if you are interested in subscribing to this subscription services there is more information about it, in my previous post Lip monthly subscription. In this months bag we received 4 products which equaled to $50.89.

The first lip product in the bag was a Ofra long lasting liquid lipstick in the shade Laguna Beach, when I saw this in the bag I was so excited as all I have been wearing is liquid lipsticks lately. The colour is a really pretty dusty rose with a hint of nude and would compliment most skin tones, It is really easy to apply to the lips, but dries to a semi matte which I think is good in a way as its makes it not to drying on the lips and it still does last along time. However when I first applied it I felt that it took a bit of time of dry completely which meant it smearing and sliding around my lips. when doing research on their website they claim that the colour does not feather, that it is a creamy soft texture that moisturizes the lips, and that the colour will last up to 5 hours without eating or drinking. In my opinion all of the above are true apart from the lasting power, as it did last up to 5 hours on my lips but it didn't look as perfect as when I applied it, as it looked quite patchy and gave me a ring around the inside of my lip. Therefore I do really like this lipsticks and the formula and give it 8/10 will defiantly buy some more of the collection if i can bear paying the customer charges.

The next thing that I received in the bag was the mica beauty colour pot in the shade 9 velvet rose, which is basically a tinted lip balm and when it is applied to the lips it a deep red colour. However you can change the intensity of the lip colour by just dabbing it on. I have used this lip balm a few times and I cant seem to find any negative things about it, the only thing is that it doesn't have a smell and I like lip balm to have a fruity smell or something along them lines(aha me being weird I know) The price of this lip balm is $14.50 which I think is a bit on the pricey side especially if you have to pay a custom charge, so I would give this lip balm 5/10. 

The last lip product that I received was another tinted lip balm which I was too excited about as I was hoping for a lip liner to pair with the liquid lipstick. However now I have used the tinted lip balm I love it,  It made by Eco lips and in the colour rose quartz, when on the lips the colour is a sheer/frost pink colour which I like and the smell is amazing (mint fresh smell), think this lip balm is great for this time of year as its going to moisturize my lips as well as unblocking my nose and I like the oval shape of the lip balm making it easier and more precise when applying to the lips. This product retails at $4.49, which Is a great price I would give this 9/10 and recommend it.

The last product was a non related makeup item, which was a sample perfume, by Harvey prince called damask rose, which I never heard of but the smell really is nice and unique, I am not great at describing scents but it is a sweet smell, kind of like sweets haha worse description ever. 

Therefore after receiving this months lip monthly I am not as impressed as I was with the previous months however I still received items that I love which are really tricky to get within the UK or that I would never pick out for myself, I like the element of surprise and think its a great way to try new products.

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