Friday, 27 March 2015

March Favourites 2015

I have been loving so many makeup products over the past few months so I thought I would share with you my favourites and also share with you other things I have been loving the past months which are not beauty related at the end.

The first thing I have been loving lately is my new concealer which is the La Girl - Pro Conceal (warm honey/toffee, I use two different colours as the lighter colour is to highlight and conceal under my eyes and the other shade is the same colour as my skin so I use it to spot conceal. I cant tell you how amazing this product is especially for the price but I find it is so hard to get your hands on in the uk but I was able to get my from Ebay. I have been loving it because it is so pigmented and covers dark circles and imperfections, in addition the concealer blends nicely into my skins and looks natural.

The next makeup product..or should I say products are my MUA (Makeup Academy) eyeshadows, they are so great for the price, I find them very pigmented and they last long on the eyes (especially if you have oily eyelids like me). I bought a bunch of the MUA eyeshadows which I did a blog on here. I have depotted my favourite MUA single eyeshadows into my z palette, which I will be my next post so dont forget to follow me on bloglovin and instagram so that you can stay up to date with my posts. My favourite colours I have been using nearly everyday for past few months are; Copper, Shade 10, Shade 4, Shade 12, Bronze, Chestnut, Smoke, Slate, Fudge, Shade 15.

This next thing I have been loving this past month is a makeup brush by MUA (aha I am seriously obsessed with this makeup brand). it is called the E3 Blending brush and it is so soft and blends out eyeshadows seamlessly and is only £1.95 so I have order 5 more. These can be found out Mua or Superdrug

The next item I have been loving is an eyeshadow palette by Makeup revolution called the Iconic 1 Palette. I have heard many people saying that this palette was an exact dupe for the urban decay which I don't completely agree with, however the eyeshadows are of good quality, they are pigmented and the shimmery colours are very pretty. Dont forget to check out my blog on the Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette.

My go to lip combo lately has been the same for the past few weeks and it is the essence lipliner in satin mauve which is very similar to the kylie Jenner lip colour. However I put MAC Velvet Teddy over the top and it is a beautiful pinky nude shade, check out my blog post of the Velvet Teddy lipsticks here and here.

I have actually done  Blog on this product recently which is the Brush egg cleaner which I purchased off ebay, which has made cleaning my brushes so much more quickly and easily so I do it more often now lol so glad I found it and I have been loving it, click here to check out my blog on this products.

I have been loving my acrylic storage which I received as a gift from my boyfriend which was an acrylic compact organiser, so I am now able to store my blushers more neatly and it means I use them more often as I can see exactly what I have got.

Other things that I have been loving the last month which is not beauty related but I thought I would include it in this post is Walking dead, I know that I am a bit late as I am aware that people are on season 5, but I have started watching it nearly everyday this month and I am finally on season 4, but if you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend you checking it out as it is so addicting and such a great story line.

Song that I have been listening to constantly and have had on repeat on spotify this past month are; Nick Jonas- Jealous, Rihanna - fourfiveseconds, Maroon 5, Sugar, chris Brown - Ayo

What products have you been loving this month I would love to know?

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kara xoxo

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