Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brush Egg Brush Cleaner Demo And Review

I have recently heard so many people talking about the new way of cleaning makeup brushes with the brush egg, However I have heard both good and bad reviews on this item so I thought I would try it myself and see how it is.

Firstly I brought my brush egg cleaner from ebay for £2.99 from ebay sellers in china. Or get it from amazon Brush Egg cleaner for £9.99 so it would come much faster than the ones in china As far as I am aware the brush egg comes in three different colours pink (the colour I got as it is my favourite colour), purple and green. The brush egg is made from a silicone material which claims to deep clean your makeup brushes without damaging the bristles and making the whole process much quicker.

So after using the brush egg cleaner last night I can honestly say that I love it, and it has made the whole cleaning makeup brushes a bit more enjoyable. I feel that I does clean my brushes much better than using the palm of my hand and makes them look brand new. In addition to being able to clean a few at once which has made it much quicker, to clean my brushes I used ASDA brands little angels which is quite cheap and the bottle is big and lasts me ages. Therefore I would definitely recommend this product and think it is 100% worth £2.99 lol.

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