Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MAC Haul - Julia Petit lipsticks Boca, Acai and Petite Red swatches and review

Once again mac have brought out a new collection a few days ago to make me spend more money haha. Mac have collaborated with a blogger called Julia Petit and I can honestly say the lipstick colours that have been released are seriously beautiful, I am in love with all 3 colours. I decided not to buy the blush as I didn't think it would show up on my skin, also I am not a fan of lip-glosses although the one in this collection looks amazing and the eye shadows sold out sadly.

Left to right - Petite Red, Boca and Acai

Left to right - Petite Red, Boca and Acai
The first lipstick I got is in the shade Acai which is my favourite out of the three, it is a bright deep violet which is a matte finish. I have really been loving colours like this lately, however I would say that the colour is very similar to mac rebel, but this lipstick might be a little bit better because it is a matte finish which is my all time favourite.

Left to right - Acai and Rebel
Left to right - rebel and Acai
The next lipstick is called Boca which is a beautiful nude with a hint of pink which is a satin finish. I love the shade of this lipstick, as I like wearing nudes for everyday wear which will compliment my natural makeup look, but I feel that this would suit most skins types.

And the last colour is called Petite Red which is said to be a strawberry cream but I would say it is a warm tone red pink which is also a satin finish. This isn't my favourite colour purely down to the fact I haven't  been loving red lips lately, but the colour looked so pretty I couldn't not have it in my collection. (why am I such a sucker for mac).

  • Pigmentation is amazing for all three lipsticks
  • Loving the look of the glossy sleek packaging and gold/copper writing (her signature)
  • Acai Last quite long on the lips
  •  creamy when applied to the lips
Did you managed to get anything from the collection if so what? I would love to know
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